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CPU Code Name Table

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Detailed information on direct sale manufacturer shop in Japan

Detailed information on personal computer specialty store in Japan

It reduces by introducing the volume license in OS and the application cost.

JAPAN Kumamoto Local PC shop information

Useful links

>>2(Ni) channel BBS@Windows board outside board is being managed from 2007/1/13.
*Please note it. This site is a site where the product in Japan has been treated. It differs from the product sold in the world because of the Japan use.
*Please use the Excite web site translation when you want to do to an English display linking ahead. Only Japan is sent out in the personal computer shop.
2007/1/30 Open Beta TEST START。  
2007/3/1 Windows Vista FAQ questions and answer collections
Importance:NTT West Corp.: Shine telephone large-scale trouble
Importance:Battery made by Sony collection information
Importance:News importance of Windows 98/98SE/Me support end
News importance of Microsoft Windows XP SP1 support end
>>Intel Quad Core 2
>>nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS Banch Mark
>>Superman nature site feature
>>Online Game Lineage II(Japanese) recommendation personal computer feature
>>Windows Vista FAQ questions and answer collections
  FAQ concerning the Windows Vista is published..

- Personal computer purchase  

  PC purchase course(introduction)  -  PC purchase course(chapter of beginner's class)  -  PC purchase course(middle chapter)

  PC purchase course(senior chapter)   -  PC purchase course(General Council of Trade Unions of Japan)

- Information such as personal computers

It maintains it with Outlook Express the Hotmail account.   -  Affiliate

  Online game review

  Fretts ADSL introduction course  -  It is a loan and Ssme of the latest personal computer purchase.

Profitable discount service

  The comz Internet (ADSL and FTTH introduction comparison)
(It is affordable. )

  Cellular phone that comz business phone and is bought and sold telephone joining right (large amount of money purchase)

  Comz mouse computer PC mini-shop(It is affordable. )

- Regional information

  Kyushu personal computer shop information   -  Kumamoto channel @

- Questionnaire

  Were you able to solve the problem with the questionnaire and WinXP SP2 FAQ Tempre?


  Question and information bulletin board

- Sisters site, MMO (Rakuten Ichiba), and two Rinaju data bases @WiKi
- Tie-up site  Googoods (Torablmaca)(* prohibition * of ..less than 18 years old.. inspection adult goods and bulletin board of image, etc.)
2 channels BBS
  The maximum anonymous bulletin board (community) in Japan. JAPAN No.1 BBS
>> 2 channels BBS@Personal computer Category 
  Category of personal computer made of manufacturer whole, hardware, and
   software chiefly.
>> 2 channels BBS@Windows Category
   Category to have treated each version, Office, application, and related
   information on Windows

>> 2 channels BBS@New Mac Category
   Category to have treated each version, Office, application, and related
   information on Mac Operating System

>> 2 channels BBS@Home-made Personal computer Category
    Information related to home-made PC and category of parts and peripherals

>> 2 channels BBS@Hardware Category
   Category that handles personal computer peripherals and related equipment.
   Update information etc.

>> 2 channels BBS@Security Category
   Category that sells to Windows, Linux, and Unix, etc. , and treats distributed
   security software and information related to security.

>> 2 channels BBS@Linux Category
    Category that treats information on each Linux distribution of Linux
    Operating System

>> 2 channels BBS@Unix Category
    Category that treats topic and information on Unix Operating System whole


- Kyushu synthesis bulletin board(KYUSHU BBS)

    Two channel @ waiting BBS(Kyushu)  -  Kyushu bulletin board  -  
Za and bulletin board

- Regional bulletin board

   Arao, Omuta, and Tamana  The 208th in national road line DQN family.   -  
Kumamoto channel @

- Kyushu Prefecture ream information

   Yatsushiro Wiki - And - Birthplace Yasshiro and Kuma river  -  Kikuchi train club

- Rakuten Ichiba(Kyushu region)

  Optimism travel(window of travel)   -  Kumamoto shop:Shop present(in optimism)

  Kumamoto shop(in optimism)

- Rakuten Ichiba(optimism group)

  Rakuten Ichiba hot selling ranking  -  Optimism download  -  Infoseek access analysis

  The HP making, the printed matter making, and the accounting treatment … The subcontractor search : to the optimism business.

  It is good news in a busy person. It is ..【 convenient delivery 】 net.. ..order.. ♪.   -  Optimism auction

- Hot selling ranking of personal computer and consumer electronic  Weekly(week)Monthly(month)Rakuten Ichiba @ hot selling ranking

- Personal computer and media manufacturer evaluation information

  Price. Com by word of mouthTwo channel personal computer general board2ch hardware boardYahoo bulletin board

- Shopping information

  CNET Japan Reviews(part evaluation)  -  Price com(comparison of prices of product)

  PC WATCH sticker price investigation  -  Personal computer and consumer electronic shopping Nabis GAZ

  Hermitage Akihabara  -  The best price  - of prices of product)

Apple Store(Japan)
 -   Shop/direct sale(Windows)
 -   Shop/direct sale(Mac)
 -   Shop brand(Win)
 -   Personal computer parts
 -   Household appliance store
 -   Peripherals
 -   CD/DVD/software
 -   The Internet relation
 -   Anti-virus
 -   Service

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